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I have finally started reading Himalayan Passage, the book I mentioned a few weeks ago. I have only read four chapters...and it is overwhelming. I keep wanting to get to the PC to E-mail you excerpts as I am reading. Can't wait to get going myself. Wow! I think you will have to read his one too. Let me finish it and then we'll talk more. I have also gotten hooked again on "The Art of Happiness" by his holiness the Dalai Lama. I had started that maybe one and a half or two years ago. Reading a chapter now and then. Now I find it almost irresistible. I must tell you more later about that one as well, the connections and the parallels...
"We must not cease from exploration, for the end of exploration will be to arrive back where we started and see the place for the first time." That is one more reason to go to the Himalayas. I may have already mentioned that one before.
"If there are no famous hills, then nothing need be said. But since there are, they must be visited." Starts the first chapter of "Himalayan Passage".
From the introduction, I quote: "In the Himalaya you can never be sure of getting where you want to be, whether in body or spirit. The mountains are full of surprises and politics and changes of plan, but then that's the essence of travel. if you knew everything about a place before getting there, why would you go?" Reminds us a bit of shopping for Buddhas, no?


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