"Indeed, hiking through Nepal or walking rural India, one begins to feel the blend of human and natural; spiritual and temporal; earth, hand and sky. His fingers muddy, the farmer points the way with his chin; her gate latched with a morning glory, the Buddhist nun goes about chanting sutras; strolling the countryside, the wandering saddhu is naked except for a gold watch; between Madonna and Sylvester Stallone hangs Vishnu's image; under the stars, between temple spires, a satellite dish points heavenward. All is eternal change, cosmic flow, brilliant fumble. Shiva dances, Kali rattles her necklace of skulls, Krishna's flute brings song into our hearts.
It is a strange thing to be born, a shock to walk into the mystery of life, to journey for awhile, then return to the elements.
While streams flow and rocks tumble, while soldiers lift arms and dictators fall, while oceans rise and dragonflies meander weightlessly, we sleep, wake, dream, stumble, pick ourselves up, and begin again. Hopefully each fall along the trail reveals a truth essential to human compassion."
John Brandi
                'Haiku from India and Nepal'
Excerpt from foreword

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