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Welcome to our blog of a journey to Nepal! Although we know this is only a blog, we hope you will enjoy the show!!! Our Journey to Nepal started in 2003 but in a way it still goes on and on...


Some of the storys are translated in English, some are only in Dutch.

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Dank alvast voor jouw bezoekje!
Wie de verhaaltjes wil lezen klikt op een van de weken in het 'archief' (linkerkolom).
De eerste reis begon in de week van
18/8 tot 24/8  2003 (archief) enz.
De weken voordien bevatten onder meer algemene informatie over nepal en vooral in de week van 28-7-2003 
 vind je allerlei nuttige links. Verder veel anecdotes, grappige gebeurtenissen en wat poëzie en een fotostory.

Inmiddels is er al een vervolg aan deze reis gebreid (the sequel) zowel door Pieter (in India en Thailand) als door mij samen met mijn dochter Kaat (29-3-2007) . 


Je kan ook ons project steunen: een huis voor Shiva, Tara and the kids in Dhampus!!!

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Nepal's Maoist democracy

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The first freely elected Maoist government in history recently took over in Nepal. The nation's 240-year monarchy has been abolished and the palace will become a museum. By any definition, Nepal has undergone a revolution, which began with a violent guerrilla war and ended in peace.

Surprisingly, the former Maoist guerrilla leader who now leads the nation says his first goal is to create wealth, following the recent example of communist China, by adopting the "capitalist mode of production." Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who is known as Prachanda (which means "the awesome one") pledged to raise annual per capita income in Nepal from $300 to $3,000 in 10 years.

He also asserts his commitment to democracy. In comments to the Guardian, a British newspaper, he said that democracy "is a must for a vibrant society, even a vibrant socialist society." More reassuring than Prachanda's words is the fact that he has formed a broad coalition government and will not have absolute power. He has also set out to overcome the distrust of business leaders, pledging Sunday, "We have to turn this doubt into confidence. That is a challenge,"

The monarchy self-destructed in 2001 when Crown Prince Dipendra went berserk because he was refused permission to marry his girlfriend. He shot to death nine of his relatives, including his father, the king, his mother, the queen, his only brother and sister and then killed himself.

The dead king's brother, Gyanendra, became king and attempted to reimpose an absolute monarchy with dictatorial powers. Some 13,000 people were killed in the guerrilla war, but the army became more reviled than the Maoists, who were initially viewed as terrorists.

Nepal's royal dynasty has come to an end and with it the belief of many among the Nepalese that their king was a living incarnation of the Hindu god, Vishnu, the Preserver of Life.

As a new democracy, Nepal should escape the wrenching cultural transformations visited upon other Asian countries by dictatorial rule.


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