If you wanna trek in the Annapurna Conservation Area around Pokhara, this is a good and helpfull address. Mr Guru and his excellent guides and porters will be very helpfull to organise your trip (airplanetickets, excursions, sports activities) around Pokhara. Don't hesitate: these are clever guys!!!


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Wie zin heeft om Nepal te bezoeken kan zijn reis gerust zelf organiseren. Maar wil je ter plaatse enige praktische en logistieke hulp (vliegtickets, trekkings, rafting, excursies...) dan is de hulp van het kantoor van Mr. Guru (what's in a name?) heel praktisch en aangenaam! Wie wil rondtrekken in het Annapurnagebied kan hier ook terecht voor het regelen van permits of het inhuren van degelijke gidsen of 'dragers'. Met een drager (porter) geniet je veel beter van het landschap en hij brengt je gemakkelijker in contact met de plaatselijke bevolking.

Aarzel niet en contacteer Mr Guru via email voor een antwoord op al je vragen:


of bezoek zijn site: www.jomsomtreks.com

en doe hem de groeten!

johan de meyere

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Trekking in Nepal

On be half of JomsomTreks and Expeditions Pvt.Ltd. we would like to heartily invite you to the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. As a pioneer trekking agency of the world famous Himalayan country would like to humbly request you to visit this country and choose Jomsom treks organize your time and schedule so that your complete satisfaction will be assured or guaranteed . Jomsom is the name taken from Annapurna region. The elevation 2713m it has one week trek. If you fly from Pokhara to Jomsom it is like a mountain experience flight.

Nepal is a small beautiful country having several mountains peaks who's elevation is above 800 meter from the sea level. Thus this is sometime called a small country having grater importance and greater potentiality. The elevation ranges from 70 meters to the 8848 meters from the sea level. This fact proves that this small country is tremendously rich in flora and fauna. This country is very rich in many aspects such as flora, fauna, culture, heritage, natural landscape etc. Thus all shorts of travelers love this country as a place of great interest and place worth to visit. Our company is always concerned with the satisfaction of our clients as well as protection of natural environment. We can organize treks inside the whole country. Short treks like three to four days up to long treks like a month's treks can be properly handled and organize by our company. we have trained and Insured trekking staffs.

All over your trekking duration in Nepal. They are train by. Nepal Government, KEEP, ACAP also. Beside organizing several treks, our company also proficiently provides you all shorts of traveling services such as :- Domestic and Internationational Air Ticketing, Hotel Reservation, Jungle Safari, Rafting etc. If any confusion or curiosity is raised, please grant me a chance to do our best to give the information of Nepal. After receiving our information, if your decide to spend your holidays in Nepal through this company, this moment and those holidays will be unforgettable for you in your life. After visiting this country, the pictures of it will be dancing in your mind and will tell you again and again to visit this country as many times as possible in your life.
Thanking you very much for your kind attention and looking forward to serve you in the lap of Himalayas and requesting you to visit all the website of this company hoping to see you in Nepal.


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